Gate Automation

We bring to you innovative gate automation systems, that no longer requires you to get down from your vehicle to open and close the doors every time.

We offer motorized remote controlled gates that operates from a distance without wasting your efforts and time in getting down.It acts as first security checkpoint to enter into your premise.

Security, and Convenience were two major factors which led to automation of gates. Iron gates do act as barricades. Security for your premise is further strengthened by making its functionality electronic sensor based ensuring safety and checking on unauthorized intrusion from strangers.

Automated gates can be used as garage door as well as an automatically operated garage door comes handy during rain as well as hot sunny days.It requires professional expertise and knowledge in installing these type of automated gates, even though its operation is quite simple. Once installation is complete, demonstration and training is provided to family members to make operating automated gates an easy task.  We provide tailor made solutions for all your gate automation needs and we also provide maintenance of automated system installed.