Fire Detection and Alarm system

Fire detection and alarm system is essential  for each and every type of building structure, especially those that are used by several people or located at crowded places. Commercial as well as public buildings. factories and halls need to mandatorily have such systems. private houses and buildings are usually not suggested to have these alarm systems, but to be on the safer side it should ideally be there no matter the type of construction. We have all types of products to best suit your needs no matter the type of establishment.

Automatic fire detection and alarm system – These are primarily meant to warn the occupants about the possible occurrence of fire, they do not help in fighting or preventing it. Usually heat and smoke detectors are scattered on ceilings and are connected to an audible devices in the form of sirens, buzzers, bells or hooters or visual output device in the form of LED’s, off/on site printers, strobe lights. These constitutes fire detection and alarm integrated solution provided by us.

Heat detectors –  i) fixed temperature- when surrounding temperature goes beyond set limits heat detectors get triggered heat detectors are triggered ii) rate of rise- when temperatures increase all of sudden then only sensors get triggered in this case,

Smoke detectors – We deal in three types of smoke detectors:

  • Ionization smoke detector – This is most commonly used in homes, and no-smoking areas. These detectors help recognize smoke particles and in turn activates fire alarm when it detects presence of smoke
  • Photoelectric smoke detector – The release of smoke particles scatters the light coming out from these detectors setting off an alarm due to activating of photoelectric cells.
  • Beam type detector – Large open spaces like courtyard, open theatres are installed with these.