Automatic A.C. control solution

Air conditioning, heating and other comforts could become very expensive necessities if not properly planned for. Proper equipments needs to be in place, in order to save energy and be affordable for the masses. We provide you with intelligent automation systems that control and regulate temperature of room according environment, people and part of day.

These automated solutions work on innovative temperature sensors that monitors room temperature and adjusts cooling, heating and air flow.As they are highly programmable even time can be fed into it for it to switch on or switch off according to personal preferences.

Features of our air conditioning solution-

Central operation of air conditioning system is one of its most unique feature. It enables controlling all functions from one source like temperature, switch time, air flow, this saves time and efforts Another outstanding feature of our automated climate control system is regulating  of internal environment with that  that of the external environment, which creates a balance so that you don’t feel uncomfortable while stepping out.

Energy conservation

Wherever you are at home office or outside city limits, you can monitor energy consumption at all times, which prevents wastage. We offer 4 to 5 star rated appliances that saves energy and helps in energy conservation.