Access control system

We specialize in designing customized security solutions concerning home security that provides foolproof automated safety features that restricts trespassers from breaking in and maintains vigil at all times. We make it possible through our innovative tech ready access control and surveillance systems. Tremendous efforts are spent on designing customized security features that suits your home safety requirements. Standard security solutions are also available and provided by us, but we always insist on customization as it is supplemented by suggestions to better equip your house with features that fit in best.

Devices facilitating Access control are meant to check on a persons entry and exit through a gate or door, where in it is in the form of an iron lever that stops every vehicle coming in for verification and unknown vehicles are barred entry. However card swapping is the most popular form of automated access control used in secured entrances. When the card is swiped through a slot the encrypted data on it needs to match with the ones stored in the database in order to get entry, else access is denied. Advanced form of access control can usually be achieved by installing biometric controls at entrances. They scan fingerprints, palm, face and retina, these being unique features cannot be replicated thereby ensuring flawless innovative security solutions.We offer various types of access control devices.

Access Cards

Used as electronic keys that allow entry through doors secured doors. Each person is issued a card having unique codes that can be read by controlling unit.

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These are highly portable credit card sized that easily fits into any wallet. Primarily used in offices and factory gates to keep a check on entry and exit.

Bio metric access control system

Used for greater security as it matches unique data that can’t be replicated like fingerprints.

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Such access controls work on matching principle if the input data matches with recorded data then only entry is granted. Installation of this type of device is done in high security and high risk areas and also for homes.

Face recognition access control

Advanced form of bio metric security devices, where in device recognizes the face of visitor to allow access.

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We provide customized and tailor made access control systems to suit your needs and requirements.